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10 participating countries. The Netherlands France Denmark Germany Luxembourg Italy United Kingdom Belgium Switzerland Austria


10 participating countries. Italy The Netherlands France Luxembourg Sweden Denmark Belgium Germany Austria Switzerland


11 participating countries. France Denmark Italy Monaco The Netherlands Germany Sweden Switzerland Austria United Kingdom Belgium


13 participating countries. United Kingdom Sweden Luxembourg Denmark Belgium Norway Austria Monaco Switzerland The Netherlands Germany Italy France


16 participating countries. Spain Monaco Austria Finland Yugoslavia The Netherlands Sweden Germany France Switzerland Belgium Norway Denmark Luxembourg United Kingdom Italy


16 participating countries. Finland Belgium Spain Austria Denmark Sweden Germany The Netherlands France Norway Switzerland Yugoslavia United Kingdom Luxembourg Italy Monaco


16 participating countries. United Kingdom The Netherlands Germany Austria Norway Italy Finland Denmark Yugoslavia Switzerland France Spain Sweden Belgium Monaco Luxembourg


16 participating countries. Luxembourg The Netherlands Norway Denmark Finland Austria France United Kingdom Germany Monaco Portugal Italy Yugoslavia Switzerland Belgium Spain


18 participating countries. The Netherlands United Kingdom Spain Ireland Germany Austria Norway Belgium Monaco Sweden France Portugal Italy Denmark Luxembourg Finland Yugoslavia Switzerland


18 participating countries. Germany Denmark Belgium Luxembourg Yugoslavia Norway Finland Portugal Austria Sweden Spain Switzerland Monaco Italy France The Netherlands Ireland United Kingdom


17 participating countries. The Netherlands Luxembourg Austria France Portugal Switzerland Sweden Finland Germany Belgium United Kingdom Spain Norway Monaco Yugoslavia Italy Ireland


17 participating countries. Portugal The Netherlands Belgium Austria Luxembourg Switzerland Monaco Sweden Finland France Italy United Kingdom Norway Ireland Spain Germany Yugoslavia


16 participating countries. Yugoslavia Luxembourg Spain Monaco Ireland Italy United Kingdom The Netherlands Sweden Belgium Switzerland Norway Germany France Portugal Finland


12 participating countries. The Netherlands Switzerland Italy Yugoslavia Belgium France United Kingdom Luxembourg Spain Monaco Germany Ireland


18 participating countries. Austria Malta Monaco Switzerland Germany Spain France Luxembourg United Kingdom Belgium Italy Sweden Ireland The Netherlands Portugal Yugoslavia Finland Norway


18 participating countries. Germany France Ireland Spain United Kingdom Norway Portugal Switzerland Malta Finland Austria Italy Yugoslavia Sweden Monaco Belgium Luxembourg The Netherlands


17 participating countries. Finland Belgium Portugal Germany Norway Monaco Spain Switzerland Yugoslavia Italy Luxembourg Sweden The Netherlands Ireland United Kingdom France Israel


17 participating countries. Finland United Kingdom Spain Norway Greece Israel Yugoslavia Sweden Luxembourg Monaco Belgium The Netherlands Ireland Germany Switzerland Portugal Italy


19 participating countries. The Netherlands Ireland France Germany Luxembourg Norway Switzerland Yugoslavia United Kingdom Malta Belgium Israel Turkey Monaco Finland Portugal Spain Sweden Italy


18 participating countries. United Kingdom Switzerland Germany Israel Luxembourg Belgium Ireland The Netherlands Norway Greece Finland Spain Italy Austria Portugal Monaco France Yugoslavia


18 participating countries. Ireland Monaco The Netherlands Austria Norway Germany Luxembourg Portugal United Kingdom Greece Israel Switzerland Sweden Spain Italy Finland Belgium France


20 participating countries. Ireland Norway Italy Finland Portugal France Spain United Kingdom Switzerland Belgium The Netherlands Turkey Germany Monaco Greece Denmark Luxembourg Israel Austria Sweden


19 participating countries. Portugal Italy Denmark Ireland Finland Monaco Greece Switzerland Germany Israel France Belgium Luxembourg The Netherlands Sweden Norway United Kingdom Austria Spain


19 participating countries. Austria Turkey Greece Luxembourg Monaco Italy Denmark Sweden Switzerland Finland Norway Germany United Kingdom Portugal The Netherlands France Ireland Spain Belgium


20 participating countries. Austria Turkey Germany Luxembourg Israel Denmark Yugoslavia Finland France Spain The Netherlands Ireland Norway United Kingdom Portugal Belgium Greece Cyprus Switzerland Sweden


18 participating countries. Portugal Luxembourg Norway United Kingdom Turkey Finland Switzerland Cyprus Sweden Austria Belgium Spain Denmark Yugoslavia Israel The Netherlands Ireland Germany


20 participating countries. France Norway United Kingdom Sweden Italy Turkey Spain Switzerland Finland Greece The Netherlands Yugoslavia Cyprus Germany Denmark Israel Portugal Austria Belgium Luxembourg


19 participating countries. Sweden Luxembourg France Spain Norway United Kingdom Cyprus Belgium Ireland Denmark The Netherlands Yugoslavia Austria Germany Turkey Finland Switzerland Italy Portugal


19 participating countries. Ireland Finland Cyprus Denmark Spain France Turkey Belgium Portugal Germany Israel Italy Norway United Kingdom Switzerland Sweden Austria Luxembourg Greece


20 participating countries. Luxembourg Yugoslavia France Norway United Kingdom Iceland The Netherlands Turkey Spain Switzerland Israel Ireland Belgium Germany Cyprus Austria Sweden Denmark Finland Portugal


21 participating countries. Norway Israel Austria Iceland Belgium Sweden Italy Portugal Spain Turkey Greece The Netherlands Luxembourg United Kingdom France Germany Cyprus Finland Denmark Ireland Yugoslavia


21 participating countries. Iceland Sweden Finland United Kingdom Turkey Spain The Netherlands Israel Switzerland Ireland Germany Austria Denmark Greece Norway Belgium Luxembourg Italy France Portugal Yugoslavia


22 participating countries. Italy Israel Ireland The Netherlands Turkey Belgium United Kingdom Norway Portugal Sweden Luxembourg Denmark Austria Finland France Spain Cyprus Switzerland Greece Iceland Germany Yugoslavia


22 participating countries. Spain Greece Belgium Turkey The Netherlands Luxembourg United Kingdom Iceland Norway Israel Denmark Switzerland Germany France Yugoslavia Portugal Ireland Sweden Italy Austria Cyprus Finland


22 participating countries. Yugoslavia Iceland Malta Greece Switzerland Austria Luxembourg Sweden France Turkey Ireland Portugal Denmark Norway Israel Finland Germany Belgium Spain United Kingdom Cyprus Italy


23 participating countries. Spain Belgium Israel Turkey Greece France Sweden Portugal Cyprus Malta Iceland Finland Switzerland Luxembourg Austria United Kingdom Ireland Denmark Italy Yugoslavia Norway Germany The Netherlands


25 participating countries. Italy Turkey Germany Switzerland Denmark Greece Belgium Malta Iceland Austria Portugal France Sweden Ireland Luxembourg Slovenia Finland Bosnia & Herzegovina United Kingdom The Netherlands Croatia Spain Cyprus Israel Norway


25 participating countries. Sweden Finland Ireland Cyprus Iceland United Kingdom Croatia Portugal Switzerland Estonia Romania Malta The Netherlands Germany Slovakia Lithuania Norway Bosnia & Herzegovina Greece Austria Spain Hungary Russia Poland France


23 participating countries. Poland Ireland Germany Bosnia & Herzegovina Norway Russia Iceland Austria Spain Turkey Croatia France Hungary Belgium United Kingdom Portugal Cyprus Sweden Denmark Slovenia Israel Malta Greece


23 participating countries. Turkey United Kingdom Spain Portugal Cyprus Malta Croatia Austria Switzerland Greece Estonia Norway France Slovenia The Netherlands Belgium Ireland Finland Iceland Poland Bosnia & Herzegovina Slovakia Sweden


25 participating countries. Cyprus Turkey Norway Austria Ireland Slovenia Switzerland The Netherlands Italy Spain Germany Poland Estonia Bosnia & Herzegovina Portugal Sweden Greece Malta Hungary Russia Denmark France Croatia United Kingdom Iceland


25 participating countries. Croatia Greece France Spain Switzerland Slovakia Poland Israel Germany Malta Hungary Slovenia Ireland Portugal Romania United Kingdom Cyprus The Netherlands Sweden Belgium Finland Norway Estonia Turkey F.Y.R. Macedonia


23 participating countries. Lithuania Belgium Spain Croatia United Kingdom Slovenia Turkey Norway Denmark France The Netherlands Poland Iceland Cyprus Sweden Portugal Ireland Austria Israel Malta Germany Bosnia & Herzegovina Estonia


24 participating countries. Israel The Netherlands United Kingdom Estonia France Romania Malta Norway Russia Belgium Cyprus Iceland Spain Denmark Germany Switzerland Croatia Sweden F.Y.R. Macedonia Finland Latvia Turkey Ireland Austria


23 participating countries. The Netherlands Iceland Bosnia & Herzegovina Norway Israel Russia Sweden Lithuania Latvia Croatia Portugal Ireland Spain France Turkey United Kingdom Slovenia Poland Germany Estonia Malta Greece Denmark


24 participating countries. Cyprus United Kingdom Austria Greece Spain Croatia Russia Estonia F.Y.R. Macedonia Israel Switzerland Sweden Finland Denmark Bosnia & Herzegovina Belgium France Germany Turkey Malta Romania Slovenia Latvia Lithuania


26 participating countries. Iceland Austria Ireland Turkey Malta Bosnia & Herzegovina Portugal Croatia Cyprus Germany Russia Spain Israel The Netherlands United Kingdom Ukraine Greece Norway France Poland Latvia Belgium Estonia Romania Sweden Slovenia


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24 participating countries. Spain Austria Norway France Serbia & Montenegro Malta The Netherlands Germany Albania Ukraine Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina Belgium Russia F.Y.R. Macedonia Greece Iceland Ireland Poland United Kingdom Cyprus Turkey Romania Sweden


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24 participating countries. Hungary United Kingdom Malta Romania Norway Turkey Moldova Albania Cyprus Spain Israel Serbia & Montenegro Denmark Sweden F.Y.R. Macedonia Ukraine Germany Croatia Greece Russia Bosnia & Herzegovina Switzerland Latvia France


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24 participating countries. Switzerland Moldova Israel Latvia Norway Spain Malta Germany Denmark Russia F.Y.R. Macedonia Romania Bosnia & Herzegovina Lithuania United Kingdom Greece Finland Ukraine France Croatia Ireland Sweden Turkey Armenia


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24 participating countries. Bosnia & Herzegovina Spain Belarus Ireland Finland F.Y.R. Macedonia Slovenia Hungary Lithuania Greece Georgia Sweden France Latvia Russia Germany Serbia Ukraine United Kingdom Romania Bulgaria Turkey Armenia Moldova


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25 participating countries. Romania United Kingdom Albania Germany Armenia Bosnia & Herzegovina Israel Finland Croatia Poland Iceland Turkey Portugal Latvia Sweden Denmark Georgia Ukraine France Azerbaijan Greece Spain Serbia Russia Norway


25 participating countries. Lithuania Israel France Sweden Croatia Portugal Iceland Greece Armenia Russia Azerbaijan Bosnia & Herzegovina Moldova Malta Estonia Denmark Germany Turkey Albania Norway Ukraine Romania United Kingdom Finland Spain


25 participating countries. Azerbaijan Spain Norway Moldova Cyprus Bosnia & Herzegovina Belgium Serbia Belarus Ireland Greece United Kingdom Georgia Turkey Albania Iceland Ukraine France Romania Russia Armenia Germany Portugal Israel Denmark

Country that has won most times

Country #
1 Ireland 7
2 France 6
3 Luxembourg 5
4 United Kingdom 5
5 Sweden 4
6 The Netherlands 4
7 Norway 3
8 Israel 3
9 Germany 2
10 Denmark 2

Most Participating countries

Country #
1 United Kingdom 53
2 Germany 53
3 France 52
4 Spain 50
5 Sweden 49
6 Norway 48
7 Belgium 46
8 Switzerland 44
9 The Netherlands 44
10 Ireland 41

Least Participating countries

Country #
1 Bulgaria 1
2 Serbia & Montenegro 2
3 Belarus 2
4 Slovakia 3
5 Azerbaijan 3

Most Participating Performer

Performer #
1 Fud Leclerc 3
2 Jahn Teigen 3
3 Carola 3
4 Katja Ebstein 3
5 Kirsti Sparboe 3
6 Wind 3
7 Hot Eyes 3
8 Anita Skorgan 3
9 Domenico Modugno 3
10 Romuald 3
11 Peter, Sue and Marc 3
12 Udo Jürgens 3

Most common word in Songtitle

Word #
1 Love 33
2 Your 16
3 Heart 9
4 Amour 9
5 Little 8
6 Life 8

Shortest song title by country

Country Chars
1 Latvia 7
2 Russia 7
3 Yugoslavia 7
4 Israel 7
5 Serbia 7
6 Estonia 9

Longest song title by country

Country Chars
1 Monaco 26
2 Switzerland 22
3 France 20
4 Finland 20
5 United Kingdom 19
6 Turkey 19
7 Luxembourg 19
8 Sweden 18
9 Denmark 17

Artist with highest uservotes

Performer Points
1 Carola 5 of 5
2 Wig Wam 5 of 5
3 Tom Dice 5 of 5
4 Giorgos Alkaios & Friends 5 of 5
5 Nicole 5 of 5
6 Sofia Nizharadze 5 of 5
7 Lordi 5 of 5
8 Alyosha 5 of 5
9 Antique 5 of 5
10 Texas Lightning 5 of 5
11 Brinck 5 of 5
12 Dschinghis Khan 5 of 5
13 Charlotte Perrelli 5 of 5
14 Anna Vissi 5 of 5
15 Sébastien Tellier 5 of 5
16 No Angels 5 of 5
17 Katrina and The Waves 4 of 5
18 Rollo & King 4 of 5
19 Fame 4 of 5
20 Claes-Göran Hederström 4 of 5